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Hotel The Grand White

Hotel The Grand White by Parfait located at Shimla in Himachal Pradesh offers a style and service unmatched in the region. Indulge yourself in the top notch experience of fine rooms and restaurant.

The hotel offers excellent facilities as well as comfortable guest rooms and lounge. All the guest rooms are comfortable and well tailored to offers a feeling of being at home while away from home. The hotel also has a variety of facilities and services that are sure to meet the need of both business and leisure travellers. Is nestled into a mountainside that magically balances a setting of natural beauty with spectacular landscapes. Acclaimed as a hotel that offers a style and service unmatched in the region.

While entertaining business associates, friends or your cherished family members, Hotel The Grand White – Company Managed by Atithyam with Parfait is there, providing all of the services and amenities of a good fine class hotel.

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